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SMITH & SMITH UNLIMITED is a half hour hybrid reality Father/Son show. Think 'The Producers' meets 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Rex Smith, thirty year veteran of Records, Television, and Broadway, meets Brandon, the son he didn't know he had, while starring in 'Sunset Boulevard'. New Father and Son, decide to go into business together as Hollywood Producers. Rex and Brandon set out to make their 'pot of gold'. The highway to Hollywood is a tough road, but we bet there are a lot of laughs along the way. Come join us as we 'pitch' our reality show ideas to an endless roster of famous faces like our lives depended on it. We have a shoestring budget, but by making 'deals' we put on the best 'front' since the Fox back lot.


SMITH & SMITH UNLIMITED will be the first show on Television that plotlines will be created by the audience themselves. Fans can vote for which celebrities Rex and Brandon will 'pitch'. Fans can decide wardrobe choices, where Rex and Brandon 'do lunch,' and can play the 'Hollywood Hustle' game online to win and become an 'intern' for an episode. Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes look at the show will be available.

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